Project Risk Management and PMO Services

Project Risk Management

Quantitative Risk Assessment (Monte Carlo Simulation)

  • Contingency Calculations using Quantitative Risk Modelling
  • Cost Forecast Scenario with simulated models
  • Quantitative Cost Risk Assessment (QCRA)
  • Quantitative Schedule Risk Assessment (QSRA)
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Risk Based Cashflow Analysis
  • Specific Quantitative Analysis such as COVID-19 Impact on Cost and Schedule

Project Risk Planning

  • Development of customized Risk Management Plan for projects / programs
  • Establishment of customized Risk Breakdown Structure (RBS)
  • Set up of customized Risk Register for the project / program / business unit
  • Probability and Impact Determination (P-I Matrix)
  • Risk Heat Map Development (Qualitative)

Risk Response Strategy Development and Monitoring

  • Risk Response Planning Strategies
  • Response Plan Monitoring and Tracking
  • Residual and Secondary Risks

Project Risk Governance

  • Risk Management Procedures Development
  • Complete Process Flow
  • Risk Deliverable Templates Development
  • Risk Reviews /Audit Planning
  • Risk Management Tool Recommendations and Customization

Project Risk Reporting

  • Risk Dashboard for Management
  • Risk Summary with KPI
  • Specific Risk Reporting

Project Risk Management Training

  • Risk Identification Techniques
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment
  • Risk Reviews, Monitoring Tracking
  • Customized Risk Reporting